Recent bank closings and rising interest rates have catapulted an increased demand for mezzanine/2nd mortgage cash out loans that enables borrowers to keep an existing low interest rate first mortgage. If you have equity in your commercial real estate above your first mortgage then you could qualify to get needed cash for your business or real estate investments.

We save our borrowers time and money without any upfront fees or obligation.
We specialize in Quick Quotes and Quick closings for:
1.Stated/no doc/interest only loans, (no tax returns required), ($100k-$3MM) to 85%LTV
2., Mezzanine/2nd mortgages($100k-$5MM) to 100%CLTV
3.Bridge and hard money loans in the Mid-Market ($3M-$100MM) and small balance ($100k-$3MM) ranges. to 85%CLTV
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