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    Commercial Lender Link provides funding expertise to commercial real estate investors, borrowers, brokers and builders who are seeking competitive commercial financing for their most challenging commercial real estate projects.

    We expedite commercial loan pre-approvals and closings with the highest degree of care and expertise.

   Our loan programs include low documentation (no tax returns required), bridge, take-out and hard money loans from $200K to $250MM.

     All loan quotes and pre-approvals are provided at no cost.

     Our streamlined application process simplifies and expedites new acquisitions or cash out refinancing.

   We have a new program in 2023 with No Tax Returns and No Personal Guarantees for our Middle Market investor/borrowers.

   You chose the term- 3-, 5- or 10-year, interest only balloon or 30 years fixed. $5Million to $100Million with a realistic 45-75 day close and maximum 65% LTV.

  Property types are multi-family, warehouse, industrial, light industrial, self-storage, retail and mixed use.

     See why professional real estate investors, developers and brokers use us for their most challenging projects.

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Our short-term hard money/ bridge financing has a rapid close ranging from $200K-$20MM. Nationwide.

Eligible property types are single and multi-family, mixed-use, office, retail, industrial, warehouse, assisted living, restaurants, mobile home parks, self-storage, day care, funeral homes and automotive properties.

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    Call us with any questions at 631-828-4404 (7 days a week).

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