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Our in-house commercial loan expertise enables us to close with speed and certainty while eliminating unnecessary lender fees.

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    Commercial Lender Link has become a leader in providing commercial real estate borrowers the best possible loan terms for their commercial real estate investments.

We welcome borrowers who need to close quickly and/or have timing or credit challenges.

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Eligible property types include single and multi-family investment, mixed-use, office, retail, industrial, warehouse, assisted living, student living, hospitality, restaurants, mobile home parks, self-storage, day care, funeral homes, automotive, construction and land development, and more.

Why commercial brokers, lawyers, accountants and financial planners refer their clients to us?

  • Stated/no doc/interest only loans, (no tax returns required), ($100k-$3MM) to 85%CLTV.

  • Mezzanine/2nd mortgages($100k-$5MM) to 100%CLTV

  • Bridge and hard money loans(100K-$50MM) to 100%CLTV

  • Full Doc Commercial Loans ($100k- $100MM+) to 80% LTV




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