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 For more than a decade, Commercial Lender Link has been providing loans to savvy commercial real estate owners and investors seeking quick quotes, rapid closings and reliable expert guidance.

  We specialize in purchase and cash out refinance loans with no tax returns required as well as asset based hard money loans.

 Quotes and loan pre-qualifications are rapidly provided nationwide with care and expertise, absolutely free with no obligation.

   Our close relationships with banks and private lenders enable us to prequalify, source and close the most challenging loans quickly.

   Property types include Commercial Construction, Multi-family, mixed-use, single family investment, assisted living, mobile home parks, industrial, warehouse, retail, and office buildings. Our loans have the lowest current market rates with a quick close.  We fund projects large and small using our banks or private money with no maximum loan limit.

  Our mission is to protect our borrowers from paying unnecessary upfront fees and loan interest costs while saving valuable time.

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    Professional brokers, accountants and finance professionals refer their clients to us for our expert personal service and fast-track loan pre-qualification and closing system. Brokers Refer client loans quickly and easily by clicking on our simple New Affiliate Form.

We also offer programs for non-US foreign Nationals.

Or call us for a quick response at 631-828-4404 (7 days a week).