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  Commercial Lender Link simplifies the loan process for commercial real estate borrowers, professional builders, and brokers seeking favorable financing terms for their real estate projects. We have diversified programs that fit the needs of the most demanding borrower situations.

Our long-term relationships with banks and private lenders give us the credibility and experience to quickly identify, prequalify, source, negotiate and close the most challenging loan scenarios.

Our simple Quick Quote process secures the best current interest rate and maximum loan amount, Hassle-Free, without any upfront fees, obligations, or surprises. We then guide all of our borrowers through closing.

We offer stated income cash/out refinance options for investors and self-employed business owners with timing and/or credit challenges with no tax returns required and offer programs for non-US foreign Nationals.

We have no maximum loan limit. Our Land development and construction loans for builders have a Quick Close and Quick Draw process.

Our Commercial Construction, Multi-family, mixed-use, mobile home park, industrial, warehouse, retail, and office loans have the lowest possible current market rates with a quick close.  We fund projects large and small using conventional banks or private money with no maximum loan limit. We also offer guidance and support in applying for and closing SBA loans

See why experienced commercial real estate investors, builders, brokers, attorneys, CPA's and financial advisers trust us to handle their loans. You will be glad you did.

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